2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*

2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

* Need for common action to reach an European Eco-efficient Economy (en anglais)*

***We need to do this together! That was the common understanding of all the speakers at the opening session in the presidency meeting on Eco-efficient Economy in Linköping. There is a clear consensus between policy makers, industry and academy on the necessity of working closer together to find common ground and to find a global solution to the economic and environmental challenges.

The meeting was opened by Ms Maud Olofsson, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Enterprise and Energy in Sweden.
- I believe in more effective use of our resources, Maud Olofsson said. That’s why you are all here! We need you to do this together with us. Now is a golden opportunity for EU to take the lead in the transition towards an Eco-effecient Economy.

The next speaker was Pierre Schellekens, Head of the Commission Representation in Sweden. He pointed out the importance of using the synergy between environment, economy and employment policies.
- We need to invest heavily in new skills and prepare the ground for tomorrow.

- The development of a win-win partnership between policy-makers and industry is a key to success. Business have to develop good and sustainable products, but it is up to policy makers to stimulate growth potential. We know now where we want to go. We have a great consensus. But we still have work to do on how to get there. I believe we have the ability to create both jobs and a cleaner environment.

Representing the business sector, Ms Signhild Arnegård Hansen, Vice President BUSINESSEUROPE, stressed that there is only one way to survive this double crisis: to stimulate entrepreneurship.

- Business have much to gain from transition to a low carbon system. We ask for a price on carbon.
Green certificates is one way to go.

Signhild Arnegård Hansen requested some credit from the politicians for what the business sector is accomplishing in Europe and she also took the opportunity to send a message to the policy makers:
- We need priorities and we need action!

Dr Charlotte Brogren, General Director at the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems, VINNOVA, stated that environmental demands have not at all effected business opportunities in a negative way.

- We need to see the opportunities, grasp them and implement them.

Summing up, Dr Brogren joined the common opinion of all the speakers:
- We need to bring our acts together!


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