2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*

2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*
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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

*Digital Agenda for Europe

The Digital Agenda for Europe is the European Union’s roadmap for bringing the benefits of a digital society and economy to Europe’s citizens. But it can only deliver if all stakeholders are involved in assessing problems and identifying solutions.
Overarching to the Social Media Strategy project there’s the Digital Agenda Assembly website that is created to connect, discuss and collaborate the Digital Agenda Assembly 2012 (“DAA12″), on 21-22 June in Brussels, as well as the review of the Digital Agenda for Europe (“DAE”), planned for adoption in October.
The main objectives of the Assembly are to:
  • Assess progress to date on implementation towards the Digital Agenda’s goals and actions and seek ways to improve delivery;
  • Identify challenges ahead for the implementation of the Digital Agenda and for the information society in general;
  • Mobilise stakeholders’ actions to make further progress and address challenges.

Contributing to the Digital Agenda Assembly

The ten topics and sub-communities on the DAA website a

  1. Converged media platforms
  2. High-speed connections
  3. E-commerce
  4. Social Media
  5. Data
  6. Cloud
  7. Security
  8. Innovation and entrepreneurs
  9. Jobs and skills
  10. Other issues

Its a great initiative though, and well done to those on the team raising awareness of the benefits of social media...
In fact, the key to success is if all small businesses can get a connection in the first place. Many in rural areas can’t. Many small businesses are in the rural areas...The digital revolution
The beginning of a new Europe...!


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