2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*

2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*
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Sunday, October 02, 2016

Agenda: Sketching a new roadmap for Europe...*

On the Strasbourg Agenda: Sketching a new roadmap for Europe

Relaunching the European project post Brexit, paving the way for future climate action after COP 21, an export ban on torture goods, and former Commissioners' conflicts of interest.

"Coming up next week at the Strasbourg plenary: MEPs look ahead to the upcoming European Council, future action on climate change, and a little matter of a fond farewell. Welcome to the Agenda. As European leaders try to relaunch the European project at next month's European Council, could MEPs help to inject new momentum ahead of the summit? The focus: relations with Russia, trade and migration. At the last plenary session MEPs rejected a Commission proposal that could allow states to deduct the number of Syrian refugees they take from Turkey from those seeking asylum who they pledged to relocate from Greece and Italy.

MEPs have also called for greater unity in countering Russian aggression. The plenary debate takes place on Wednesday. When a former EU Commissioner who'd previously laid down the laws for Europe doesn't follow best practice, it’s a little more than a boo boo. The former EU Commissioner for Competition Neelie Kroes has found herself in hot water after being implicated in the 'Bahama Papers'. It seems she never relinquished her position in an offshore company during her tenure. The malaise has also caught the attention of the European Ombudsman who has questioned the appointment of former EU Commission chief Barroso to Goldman Sachs. A lively debate is set for Tuesday where MEPs will quiz representatives of the Commission on the business shenanigans of their former top brass.

With the ceasefire in tatters, can there be a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Syria? All attempts to revive the short-lived ceasefire that fell apart on September 19 following an attack on a UN aid convoy, are stalling as Russia and the US are unable to come to terms. MEPs will discuss the way ahead for Syria along with having a separate debate on Colombia. A referendum is set to be held there on October 2 to sign off on a historic peace deal with FARC rebels. Both debates are marked for Wednesday. And now for some news in brief.

Growth stagnation despite progress to decrease debt – MEPs debate Greece's outlook on Tuesday. A final agreement on new rules to prevent the trade in goods and services that may contribute to torture or execution, is expected to get parliamentary approval on Tuesday. MEPs will vote on reindustrialisation policy and take a look at Caterpillar and Alstom. Restructuring plans at machinery maker Caterpillar and train manufacturer Alstom could put thousands of jobs at stake at factories across Belgium, France and Northern Ireland.

Morocco will be the venue for the next climate change conference, COP 22. But a little matter of the ratification of the COP 21 Paris agreement still lingers. The Council is expected to ratify the COP 21 agreement, the first big global undertaking to reduce CO2 emissions, to be ready by 7 October. If that happens it paves the way for the road ahead. Plans for COP 22 include Morocco's energy initiative to switch to 50% renewable energy by 2030. The climate change debate takes place at plenary on Wednesday. That's a wrap for me. This is my last Agenda, my last programme for EuroparlTV. Take care and bye bye."

Morgane BRAVO, 
*Ancienne stagiaire ("Blue Book") de la Commission Européenne, au Secrétariat Général*
Présidente et Fondatrice du «Think Tank» Europe-Mexique.

Think Tank" Europe-Mexique, 
headquarters in Paris, France.
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