2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*

2010*50Years of Traineeships at the European Commission*
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Thursday, November 26, 2009

*** L’UE salue les propositions climatiques des États-Unis et de la Chine...***

***Dans une déclaration commune, le Premier ministre, Fredrik Reinfeldt, et le Président de la Commission européenne, José Manuel Barroso, se félicitent des chiffres récemment présentés par les États-Unis et la Chine, en vue de la Conférence des Nations Unies sur le changement climatique à Copenhague.

Déclaration commune du Premier ministre Fredrik Reinfeldt et du Président de la Commission européenne José Manuel Barroso concernant l’annonce des États-Unis et de la Chine sur le changement climatique (en anglais):

- We welcome the news - in just the last 24 hours - that the US and China have both indicated what they are prepared to do, in concrete numbers, on mitigation. The US and China are essential players in this negotiation. Copenhagen must not be allowed to fail.

- At the same time, we must remember our common target: to keep global warming under 2°C to avoid dangerous climate change.. The world is now waiting expectantly for an ambitious and comprehensive agreement to emerge. All sides must do everything they can towards that objective.

- We are analysing carefully what the US and China are proposing to bring to the table, and remain in close touch with both delegations. At the EU-China summit in Nanjing on Monday, we look forward to discussing this matter with Premier Wen Jiabao. We will continue to urge the US, China and all our other partners in this negotiation to go to the outer limits of what is possible in order to find agreement in Copenhagen.

- On the US contribution there are a number of positive elements. Although the emissions reduction target for 2020 will be disappointing to some, we note that their proposal entails strong reductions by 2025 and 2030. We recognise the major efforts made by the Obama Administration to transform the US position. We also need to continue to discuss with the US financial support to developing countries' efforts, notably fast start funding from early implementation.

- On the Chinese contribution, we recognise the steps China is taking to tackle climate change, but the proposed targets will be disappointing to some. It remains a positive sign that another major developing country following Brazil and Indonesia is ready to put concrete numbers on the table.

- We hope that both the Chinese and US indications represent the first steps towards steeper reductions. It goes without saying that we also plan to discuss with both China and the US how to turn these indications into an international agreement.


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